Military Members

Military service members have the same filing rights as civilians for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy allows those who cannot pay their creditors to start fresh, by legally discharging most or all of their debts. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we work to make the process safe, secure, and fast. And most importantly, we treat you with respect and understanding.  Additionally, specific benefits not available to civilian debtors are afforded whether you are active-duty personnel or a disabled veteran. Under certain circumstances, however, your security clearance could be affected by a bankruptcy filing.

*Active-Duty Personnel are provided legal protection by the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act

Veterans who are disabled may be exempt from the Means Test for Chapter 7

To qualify for a Chapter 7 filing, the means test is not required if you were on active duty, or performing a homeland defense activity, when the majority of debts were incurred, and you are a disabled veteran.

*The Means Test may also include National Guard members and reservists who were called to active duty.

*Your security clearance can and might be affected by filing for bankruptcy.